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    Workmen Compensation Insurance
    “Empowering Your Workforce, Secured by Trovity”

    What is Covered

    Accidental Death

    Provide financial assistance to the family of an employee in the unfortunate event of their accidental death while on the job.

    Disability Benefits

    Ensure financial support for employees who experience partial or total disability as a result of work-related incidents.

    Occupational Injuries

    Our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies provide coverage for medical expenses and compensation for work-related injuries or illnesses suffered by employees.

    Rehabilitation Costs

    Cover the expenses incurred for the rehabilitation and retraining of employees to help them return to work after an injury.

    Legal Liability

    Protect your business from legal liabilities arising from employee injuries, including legal defense costs and settlement payments.

    Temporary and Permanent Disability

    Compensation for temporary or permanent disabilities that hinder an employee's ability to perform their job.

    What is Not Covered

    Intentional Self-Inflicted Injuries

    Injuries intentionally caused by the employee or injuries resulting from their wilful misconduct are typically excluded from coverage.

    Non-Work-Related Injuries

    Injuries or illnesses that occur outside the scope of employment or during personal activities are generally not covered.

    Pre-existing Conditions

    Pre-existing injuries or illnesses that are not directly caused or aggravated by work activities are typically excluded from coverage.

    Violation of Safety Guidelines

    Injuries resulting from the employee's failure to follow safety protocols or guidelines may not be covered.

    Claims Filed After Policy Termination

    Injuries or incidents reported after the policy termination date are generally not covered.

    Empower your valuable workforce with Trovity’s Workmen Compensation Insurance. Our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies provide comprehensive coverage for occupational injuries, disabilities, and legal liabilities. Protect your employees and your business simultaneously. Contact us today to explore the coverage options that secure your workforce’s well-being and empower your business.


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