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    Our motor insurance options are designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring that you’re fully covered.

    Travel Insurance

    Embark on worry-free journeys with Trovity, your ultimate travel companion. We’ve curated the perfect travel insurance packages that will have you exploring the world with confidence.

    What is Covered

    Global Adventure Protection

    From lost luggage to flight delays, we've got you covered for unexpected travel mishaps.

    Medical Marvels

    Stay healthy and carefree with our comprehensive coverage for medical emergencies and expenses abroad.

    Trip Cancellation Safeguard

    Life happens, and plans change. Our insurance superpowers are here to save the day when unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel your trip.

    Personal Belongings Guardian

    Don't let a missing passport or stolen camera ruin your adventure. Our coverage extends to your valuable belongings.

    Emergency Assistance

    No matter where you are in the world, our 24/7 emergency assistance team is just a call away to help you navigate any travel-related challenges.

    What is Not Covered

    The Uncharted Territories

    Extreme sports and high-risk activities may require additional coverage. Let's ensure you have the right protection for your daring adventures.

    Latecomers' Woes

    Unfortunately, last-minute bookings and changes made after purchasing the policy might not be covered. Plan ahead and let us safeguard your journey.

    Ignoring Travel Advisories

    If you choose to visit destinations with active travel advisories, some incidents or emergencies may not be covered. Stay informed and travel wisely.

    Unattended Baggage Blues

    Leaving your belongings unattended in public areas can be risky. Remember to keep a watchful eye on your possessions for a worry-free trip.

    Overstaying the Welcome

    If you decide to extend your trip beyond the policy's coverage period, any incidents or emergencies during the extended period may not be covered. Let's keep your coverage up to date.

    Travel Insurance: Unlock the world with Trovity’s travel insurance. Explore, discover, and create memories while we protect you every step of the way. Get a quote and embark on your next adventure today.


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